PO Box 702, Texarkana, TX 75504
Finals fees, stall fees, and hook up fees will be due
at the May 7 rodeo.

Points Secretary Debra Bradshaw-
Call in: (870) 582-1968
6-9PM Tuesday before Rodeo
$20 late fee will be charged for late entries.

New & Returning Members: (Annual Member Fee - $75)
New Membership forms are available by clicking the membership tab on the left -
the membership page has the new membership & Good Conduct form. Compliete
and mail. Remember to notarize the medical portion of the form!
Birth Certificate
required for new members.
Entry Fees are as follows:
Senior Bulls: $35, Barrels, Poles & Team Roping: $25 ea.,
All other events: $30
If you are on auto entry
and you miss 2 rodeos in
a row you will be
dropped.You will have to
call to re-enter. You will
also be responsible for the
entry fees at the next
All rodeos are
at 9 am